Hydrosmart s.r.o. is small but very active manufacturing reality operating in the city of Brno since 2010 with a yearly turnover in constant growth.

Our main production is related to hydraulic semi-finished components such as heads, caps, bodies and more parts used to build hydraulic cylinders or actuators. Our history is linked to the company Vega srl, an Italian hydraulic cylinder’s manufacturer, and today our operations continues in connection to this client and spans also to other brands.

We are very proud of our versatile production technology that allows us to produce more using vertical milling machines instead of horizontal ones.

During the year 2017, we built our new production hall and we are now set to future cooperation and toward a bright future!

Our motto is: "Evolving with our clients" and certainly we do that in terms of batches and deliveries. We constantly strive to meet our client’s requirements even if it means to lose time and finances.

We win only when you win!

V215CR Tie-Rod Hydraulic Cylinders ISO 6020/2
V220CC Long-Stroke Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
V250CE Light Duty Short Stroke Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
V400CL Integrated Short-Stroke Hydraulic Cylinders
V450CM Heavy Duty Short-Stroke Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
V270CG Self-Locking Compact Hydraulic Cylinders
V210CS Hydraulic Cylinders with Unscrewing Device